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International Carrier Bonds

Who is required to have International Carried Bonds – Continuous Entry?
US Customs require Bonds for cargo and/or crew. Bonds are issued to the entity responsible for filing the cargo manifest (AMS – automated manifest system) for which a SCAC code is required. If this entity is also responsible for the passenger/crew manifest (APIS – advanced passenger information system) the one Bond will suffice. Where a different entity is responsible for the passengers/crew a separate APIS Bond is required.

US Customs take 10 working days to process the Bond and require a notarized Power of Attorney (POA).

If a Bond application is required urgently then a Single Entry Bond (SEB) can be obtained at the same fee as a Continuous Entry Bond. A POA is REQUIRED for this and each SEB covers one vessel and one port; if there are multiple ports then a SEB per port is required if insufficient time has been allowed to apply for a continuous entry Bond.
What port requires a $150,000 ICB bond?
Why is the bond requirement for the Port of Miami higher?
Miami is the primary US entry point for the smuggling of illicit drugs and other items.
Do Individual Vessels require ICB Bonds?
Bonds are issued to the entity responsible for the cargo and/or crew manifests irrespective of the number of vessels.