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International Carrier Bonds

Shoreline International Carrier Bond Facility for AMS and APIS ICBs

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Department (CBP) requires vessel operators to file crew and passenger manifests via the Automated Passenger Information System (APIS). Shoreline Ltd. ("Shoreline") has arranged a facility for Maritime Insurance Solutions’ insureds to obtain the Bonds (for both AMS and APIS purposes). Shoreline will process all the paperwork and pass it onto an NAIC approved Surety Bond Company. All Bonds will be for $100,000 with an annual fee of $1,750. Bonds for the port of Miami are $150,000 at an annual fee of $2,500.

Standard Type 3 Bonds will be for $100,000 with an annual fee of $1,750. Bonds for the port of Miami are currently $150,000 at an annual fee of $2,500, but this will be increasing to $250,000 at an annual fee of $3,250 at a date to be advised. An additional Type 3A Bond for $20,000 at an annual fee of $350 will be required to cover the international movements and clearances of containers.

Note: Bonds are issued to the entity responsible for the cargo and/or crew manifests irrespective of the number of vessels - we do not track vessels at all for ICB purposes.

  1. Ensure that a SCAC number for the carrier is applied for and received from the US Customs Office. (If you do not have a SCAC number the process for obtaining this is available here. A SCAC code is not required for APIS Bonds
  2. Obtain the Application Form
  3. Complete the section entitled Information Required for Bond Application
  4. Obtain the required signature(s) of authorized representative(s) of the carrier for the form headed Procurement Agreement. Please note the Standard Terms & Conditions pertaining to this agreement.
  5. Obtain the required signature(s) of authorized representative(s) of the carrier for the form headed Power of Attorney. This document authorizes Shoreline to sign the bond and also the carrier's indemnity to the bond issuer.
  6. Return the completed forms to Shoreline.
  7. Shoreline will send an invoice for payment of the fee detailing our banking information. The amount will be $350 for a $20,000 Type 3A bond, $1,750 for a $100,000 bond, $2,500 for a $150,000 bond and $3,250 for a $250,000 bond (Port of Miami for non C-TPAT partners; C-TPAT partners will be able to use the standard $100,000 bond for the Port of Miami when this increase is in place).  It is the responsibility of the carrier to determine their appropriate bond amount.
  8. Upon receipt of premium Shoreline will arrange a 1-year period for each bond. At subsequent renewals the bond may be adjusted in line with the COFR Guaranty expiry where appropriate and where it will promote administrative convenience.
  9. Upon issuance of the bond Shoreline will return a copy of the countersigned Procurement Agreement.

Shoreline Canada Border Services Agency Facility for ACI Bonds

The Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) has announced changes to its Advance Commercial Information (ACI) requirements with effect January 30th 2014.

  1. Carriers/Operators will be required to transmit their ACI submissions using their own Marine Carrier Code; the use of an agent's code is no longer permitted. A Carrier is defined by the CBSA as "The entity operating a conveyance transporting specified goods to Canada. To operate a conveyance means to have legal custody and control of the conveyance".
  2. Only one (1) Marine Carrier Code is needed regardless of the number of vessels in the Carrier's fleet and bonds are issued in the name of the Carrier.
  3. The Surety Bond will be for CDN$25,000, issued for 3 years at a cost of US$1,050.

Full Instructions and notes here.

  1. Complete and return a scanned copy of the Canadian Government Marine Carrier Code Application Form. Retain the original.
  2. Complete and return a scanned copy of the Power of Attorney. This permits Shoreline to complete and submit some of the required documentation on your behalf.
  3. Complete and return a scanned copy of the Canada Customs Bond. Retain the original.
  4. Complete and retain the Attestation form. To be submitted with other originals to ISL.