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COFR Guarantees

Whilst we pride ourselves on providing the fastest possible processing time and submission of COFR Guarantees to the United States Coast Guard (“USCG”), the USCG can take up to 21 days to issue a COFR – that is not the norm but there are occasions when they stand behind the 21 day "rule".

United States Coast Guard Application (CG5585)

Shoreline Managers Ltd ("SML") offers the service of completing the USCG application form (the CG5585) on behalf of applicants. This service can be used for new vessels, additions or renewals. We will require you to complete:

Vessel Application (including option for CG-5585 coverage); OR

letter of authority to the USCG authorizing SML to complete and sign the Application on behalf of the applicant, including authorization to designate an U.S. Agent will also be required. This application is in addition to the COFR guarantee process.

If the operator is not the registered owner please complete a bridging letter similar to the template provided which should be kept on board the vessel, as per the regulation below.

SML completes the appropriate application and returns it for verification. Once SML has received confirmation that the application is correct, SML will then submit it to the USCG. As of September 2017 there are no longer any fees for this service.

USCG Vessel Classifcations

  • 10 Breakbulk freighter
  • 11 Containership
  • 12 Roll on-roll off
  • 13 Barge carrier (e.g. lash, seabee)
  • 14 Combination breakbulk containership
  • 15 Combination roll on-roll off containership
  • 16 Combination barge carrier containership
  • 17 Tanker
  • 18 Dry bulk carrier
  • 19 All other self-propelled cargo vessels
  • 20 Oil/bulk/ore carrier (OBO)
  • 30 Passenger vessel
  • 31 Combination passenger/cargo vessel
  • 32 Ferry
  • 40 All types of pleasure craft
  • 50 Tank barge
  • 51 Tug and towboat
  • 52 Barge and Scow
  • 53 Drilling Rig
  • 54 Fishing vessel
  • 55 Factory vessel
  • 56 Research vessel
  • 57 All other utility craft
  • 60 Vessels not otherwise specified