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COFR Guarantees

Any vessel that is over 300 gross tons must have a COFR guarantee if it is using the navigable waters of the United States; transshipping in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the United States or operating in the United States overseas territories and possessions (e.g. US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, American Samoa etc.). We issue a COFR guarantee to owners of vessels which are entered in an International Group P&I Club, or with an approved P&I Insurer that has P&I insurance that includes cover in the "Standard Amount" for pollution liability insurance (current Standard Amount is US$500 million) and are entered with a Classification Society which is a full member of IACS.

COFR Provider

Our COFR Guarantees are issued by Maritime Insurance Solutions Limited (“MISL”). MISL is a Bermuda domiciled segregated account insurance company approved by the United States Coast Guard (“USCG”) as a COFR insurer. All of the outstanding shares of MISL are beneficially owned by a Bermuda trust for the benefit of its ship-owning insureds. MISL seeks to deliver COFRs at cost and is run essentially as a "not for profit entity" governed by a Board of Directors employed by its ship-owning insureds. The Company's business is 100% reinsured into the London market and is managed by Shoreline Ltd.


Applications can be made directly on-line via our Interactive Site, or by downloading and returning the hard-copy form (downloads in left). Please bear in mind that whilst we pride ourselves on providing the fastest possible processing time and submission of COFR Guarantees to the USCG, the USCG can take up to 21 days to issue a COFR - that is not the norm but there are occasions when they stand behind the 21 day "rule".

Disclosure notice of Terrorism Insurance Coverage

Coverage for acts of terrorism, as defined in the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) which was enacted in the United States on 26th November, 2002, where those acts precipitate a claim for a covered liability on the Guarantor under OPA90 or CERCLA is already included within this Agreement. You should know that, effective 26th November, 2002 any losses in connection with the COFR Guaranty issued under this Agreement, and caused by certified acts of terrorism, would be partially reimbursed by the United States under a formula established by Federal Law. Under this formula, the United States pays 90% of covered terrorism losses exceeding the statutorily established deductible paid by the insurance company providing the coverage. The United States Government shall not make any payment for any portion of the amount of such losses that exceed $100 billion, and no insurer that has met its deductible shall be liable for the payment of any portion of the amount of such losses that exceeds $100 billion. The portion of your annual premium that is attributable to coverage for acts of terrorism is 5%.