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Warning – Hi-tech threat to shipping

In life, they say, timing is everything. I have joined Shoreline at a time when the shipping industry is in need of innovative insurance solutions, to address one of the greatest modern day threats, namely, Crime-Cyber risk.

Captain Thomas Brown, CEO, Shoreline Ltd   |   2 November 2018

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Historically, when faced with third party risks that could jeopardize the financial viability of their companies, ship owners came together to form clubs which would protect them and indemnify their losses.  Today the International Group of P&I Clubs is the proud legacy of those early insurance innovators.
Track forward to the present day and we are at another watershed moment for shipping. 
The modern day crime-cyber risks to which ship owners are exposed could have the same catastrophic impact on their company’s balance sheets, as the uninsured third party risks of days gone by.
Online criminals pose an indiscriminate threat to ship owners which could strike at any time, leaving the unprotected exposed to financial shocks from which they may struggle to return.
Unlike days gone by, on this occasion the P&I Clubs cannot respond on behalf of their members.
Fortunately, Shoreline can – we are here to provide the solution with our new, Integrated Crime Cyber Insurance (ICCI).

Watch the video below to discover the ease with which criminals can access your shipboard IT systems

Click here to learn more about Shoreline’s capabilities

For more details contact:
Captain Thomas Brown
CEO Shoreline Limited