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Shoreline Mutual scores a first with e-mail hotline to Coast Guard Admiral

Members of Shoreline Mutual who want to take up an issue with the US Coast Guard (USCG) now have an email hotline to a top officer.

Jim Mulrenan, London   |   20 May 2009

Anonymous or attributable messages for maritime-safety chief Rear Admiral Brian Salerno can be posted through the Shoreline Mutual website and do not necessarily have to relate to the club's business of providing Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFRs) required to trade to the US.

The arrangement is believed to be a first and is part of an effort to improve communications between the shipping industry and the USCG for the common benefit of all.

Messages posted on the interactive section of the website go straight to Admiral Salerno rather than through his staff.

The initiative follows a meeting between Salerno and Shoreline about opening a dialogue and improving communications.

"Members can raise substantive issues and receive feedback from the USCG," said Marilyn Feldman, president of Bermuda-based Shoreline Mutual Management.

"We strongly believe that this communication link will be mutually beneficial for both our members and the Coast Guard. They are keenly interested in fostering a better relationship with the maritime community they regulate," added Feldman.

The Shoreline Mutual manager says the club is "leading the way", as the arrangement is the first direct communications channel with the USCG provided by any COFR guarantor or protection-and-indemnity (P&I) insurer.

Salerno's responsibilities include developing and promulgating marine safety, security and environmental-protection strategy and regulations, as well as ensuring policy alignment throughout the USCG and among federal and international partners.