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Shoreline clients aided by US Coast Guard online link

A direct online link with the US Coast Guard is now allowing Shoreline customers to receive feedback on liability related issues or other substantive matters, anonymously if the member so wishes.

15 October 2009

Marilyn Feldman, president of Certificate of Financial Responsibility provider Shoreline Insurance Managers, said the Hnn has a close link with a "high ranking rear admiral", who is receptive to co-operation with shipowners.

An example of how the website is useful was when a member posted: 'One of our vessels was confirmed to load at New Orleans after it left its last port in Italy. A non-US national crew member's US visa has expired. What happens in such one-off cases?" A lengthy response was provided, which was shared with other users.

Shoreline directors are soon scheduled lo have a round table discussion with the USCG, as another means to "add value" to its services to members.

In a year when the USCG has unveiled substantive Increases in COFR limits, Ms Feldman said it has become doubly important for Shoreline to distinguish Itself from the competition and increase the range of its services beyond COFRs alone.

A step in this direction was taken recently through the appointment of Dr Anthony Knap as non-executive director at Shoreline.

Dr Knap is the president and director of the 106-year-old Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, which is one of the world's most revered marine laboratories. Shoreline believes that much of the institute's work is directly correlated with the interests of its own members.

The institute has conducted seminar work on a variety of subjects, including the use of oil spill dispersants in tropical marine ecosystems.

Lengthy research from the 1980s has thrown much light on the long-term effect of oil and chemically dispersed oil on mangrove, sea grass and coral reef ecosystems.

The institute has also played an important role In oil spill fingerprinting and oil spill contingency planning. It has conducted extensive research on the use of anti-fouling paints on marine organisms, an issue that is likely to have an even greater impact on the shipping Industry in the years ahead.

Ms Feldman said of Dr Knap's appointment: "The effect of the shipping industry on ecosystem and conversely the effect of climate change on the industry as a whole are important for members.

"Recently, the changing acidity of the oceans may have a large effect on the bio-foullng of marine organisms on the hulls of ships in the future. Changing sea levels and the profound changes in the Arctic will have significant effects on the industry. Not all of these changes are bad for every Industry. There will be winners and losers.

"The aim of Shoreline is to be an authoritative voice in the spaces of shipping, insurance and the environment. We are looking forward to providing new information to our members overtime."