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  • BFIS/GSU Scholarship Fund Charity Walk

    Shoreline lends a hand to help raise funds to send Bermudians over-seas to study Insurance based degrees.

    General News  |  28 November 2018

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  • Warning – Hi-tech threat to shipping

    In life, they say, timing is everything. I have joined Shoreline at a time when the shipping industry is in need of innovative insurance solutions, to address one of the greatest modern day threats, namely, Crime-Cyber risk.

    General News  |  2 November 2018

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  • Shoreline welcomes new CEO

    We are delighted to welcome Captain Thomas Brown as Shoreline’s new CEO effective from 1st September 2018.

    General News  |  1 September 2018

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  • Shoreline to provide cyber and fraud cover

    Shoreline is gearing up to launch a new insurance covering both cyber and commercial crime risks facing shipowners and other maritime operators.

    Tradewinds  |  19 April 2018

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  • North of England phishing attack highlights ongoing cyber-threats

    An emailed debit note sent to members of the North of England Protecting and Indemnity Association last month has reinforced the need for constant vigilance to avoid cyber scams.

    Tradewinds  |  19 April 2018

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  • Merger set to reduce COFR costs

    Loyalty bonus proposed as Shoreline Mutual and Arvak chart a future together.

    Tradewinds  |  11 April 2014

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  • Shoreline finds solution to Athens war-risks row

    The top two providers of certificates of financial responsibility (Cofrs) are filling a void that proved too wide for the protection-and-indemnity (P&I) clubs.

    Tradewinds  |  2 November 2012

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  • MISC man makes move to BW Group in Singapore

    High-profile marine-insurance manager James Brosnan is moving from Malaysia’s MISC group to BW Group.

    Tradewinds  |  16 May 2012

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  • Shoreline clients aided by US Coast Guard online link

    A direct online link with the US Coast Guard is now allowing Shoreline customers to receive feedback on liability related issues or other substantive matters, anonymously if the member so wishes.

    Lloyd's List  |  15 October 2009

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  • Shoreline Mutual scores a first with e-mail hotline to Coast Guard Admiral

    Members of Shoreline Mutual who want to take up an issue with the US Coast Guard (USCG) now have an email hotline to a top officer.

    Tradewinds  |  20 May 2009

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  • Shoreline boss claims mutual can sail safe course

    Shoreline Mutual will ride out the rough times in the global economy better than any of its competitors, according to chairman Edward Ross of Zodiac Maritime Agencies.

    Tradewinds  |  12 November 2008

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  • COFR provider sees a paper free future

    Marching towards a paperless goal is the theme at Shoreline this year, with its fully interactive website playing a role in the process.

    Lloyd's List  |  15 October 2008

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  • Shoreline aims to aid safe COFR navigation

    Shoreline, owned by IAS, the largest independent captive management company, us the only commercial provider of certificates of financial responsibility guarantees to have been continuously in existence since OPA 90 legislation came into effect over 13 years ago.

    Lloyd's List  |  30 October 2007

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  • No rise is COFR costs yet

    An almost 60% increase in the size of the financial guarantee that ships need to trade to the US is not triggering any immediate increase in the cost of obtaining Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFR).

    Tradewinds  |  5 October 2006

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  • Guarantees in Paradis

    If you are planning to trade in the US, then Bermuda is one of the first ports of call.

    Tradewinds  |  11 May 2006

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  • Marsh war-risk offer irks clubs

    Marsh's offer to find $500m of war-risk cover for cruiseships and ferries has sparked a new controversy over plans to dramatically raise compensation for passenger death or injury under a revised Athens convention.

    Tradewinds  |  4 May 2006

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  • Nelson might have found himself in a right pickle waging war in 2005

    On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar, Shoreline Mutual Management found a novel way to pay tribute to Nelson.

    Lloyd's List  |  25 November 2005

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  • Shoreline takes pride in an unblemished record

    Shoreline Mutual, celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, can boast an unblemished pollution record and tonnage under management of just over 103m tons gross.

    Lloyd's List  |  30 June 2005

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  • Shoreline Mutual takes the cautious approach

    Shoreline Mutual continues to enjoy a excellent reputation for service to its members, an unblemished pollution record, good co-operation with regulatory authorities, and strong support from its reinsurance underwriters, its broking teams and its loyal members.

    Lloyd's List  |  30 September 2004

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  • Shipowners equipped to navigate oil spill risk

    In an era of increasing regulation aimed at stemming maritime disasters, it looks as though the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90) promulgated by the US, has been a success.

    Lloyd's List  |  11 December 2003

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  • Shoreline Mutual keeps its business on an even keel

    It has been "business as usual" at Shoreline Mutual (Bermuda)'s offices in Church Street where the restructuring necessitated a year ago by Mutual Risk Management's financial problems has been completed and approved in Bermuda.

    Lloyd's List  |  28 July 2003

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  • Shoreline Mutual not ruffled by manager's problems

    Shoreline Mutual, a leading provider of "tickets-to-trade" to the US, says it is business-as-usual this week after its management company ran into loan troubles.

    Tradewinds  |  22 November 2001

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  • Lloyd's broker Collings dies

    The head of research and development at Lloyd's broker Willis Faber Marine has died suddenly.

    Tradewinds  |  23 March 2000

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  • Shoreline still free of claims

    An insurance club set up to provide shipowners with "tickets-to-trade" to the US has continued without a single claim.

    Tradewinds  |  22 October 1998

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  • Insurance Review: Shoreline becomes new Arvak manager

    Shoreline Mutual (Bermuda) has become the new manager of Arvak, a Bermuda-based provider of Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFRs) for ships entering US waters.

    Lloyd's List  |  9 January 1998

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  • ARVAK links with Shoreline Mutual

    The management of Shoreline Mutual, a leading guarantor of Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFRs), Is to take responsibility for its business rival. ARVAK Ltd.

    Tradewinds  |  18 December 1997

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  • COFR schemes battle for business

    Competition to provide shipowners with "tickets-to-trade" to the US is continuing to heat up.

    Tradewinds  |  13 March 1997

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  • Shoreline pursues COFR dry cargo business

    A new battle to provide tickets to trade to the US for 5,00 dry-caro ships is in prospect over the next few months.

    Tradewinds  |  19 February 1997

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  • First Arvak COFR to Tschudi & Eitzen

    Norwegian shipowner Tschudi & Eitzen has obtained the first Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFRs) to be backed by guarantees from recently established Arvak.

    Tradewinds  |  2 January 1997

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  • Shoreline launches COFR fight-back

    Shoreline Mutual plans a major restructuring in an attempt to remain the lowest-cost means of obtaining a "ticket to trade" to the US.

    Tradewinds  |  5 December 1996

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  • Shoreline wins no-claims bonus

    A claims-free first year has gained Shoreline Mutual a bonus and a return of premium from its reinsurers.

    Tradewinds  |  10 October 1996

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  • Letters of credit sunk OPAClub

    Stiff shipowner opposition to OPAClub - one of the three main schemes for obtaining Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFRs) - is blamed for the joint surety bond scheme being scrapped.

    Tradewinds  |  15 December 1994

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  • COFR option costs vary widely

    Oslo-based P&I Club Skuld says the various schemes aimed at providing shipowners with the means to comply with the Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFR) requirement in the US show marked differences in costs.

    Tradewinds  |  20 October 1994

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