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US Government Shutdown

We are now into the 20th day of the longest US Government shutdown in history and Shoreline would like to advise their clients of the current situation regarding OPA COFR applications.

11 January 2019

Currently and until such time as the US Government is open for business once more, COFR applications are not being processed from any source, be it a Guarantor, the National Pollution Fund Centre (NPFC) online system or via traditional mail. 

However, Shoreline continues to processes COFR applications for its clients on a daily basis and ensures that completed applications are forwarded electronically to the NPFC. 

However, during the shutdown, any compliance queries will need to be routed through the Captain of the Port (COTP) to the NPFC, with all such enquiries being handled in the order received. The resolution of any such enquires will be confirmed directly to the COTP. 

Please be aware, at this time, no external phone queries will be responded to by the NPFC irrespective of the urgency of the query, consequently, it is most important that Ship Operators contact their local Agent to follow the procedure as noted above during this shutdown period. 

Finally it should further be noted that the NPFC website will not be updated at all during the shutdown period. 

If you have any questions relating to this advisory note please do not hesitate to contact a member of Shoreline’s underwriting team for further information.