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NPFC – Back to Business as Usual

The longest US Government shutdown started on 22nd December 2018 ending on the 25th January 2019. This resulted in the US administration being deprived of the important services provided by certain government employees whom are deemed to undertake ‘non-essential duties’.

1 March 2019

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Caught up in this unfortunate categorization where many of the hard working men and women of the NPFC and the USCG, whom Shoreline and their ship owner clients rely upon to facilitate smooth regulatory passage in and out of US waters. 

During the shutdown, trade continued, resulting in a huge administrative burden for the NPFC once the government reopened, to process COFR and voyage documentation for those voyages to the US which were undertaken in the shadow of the shutdown. 

As February slips into the past for another year, its seems quite remarkable to all at Shoreline that, in the space of the shortest calendar month of the year, the NPFC have managed to clear most of their documentary backlog and have advised they will shortly be open for business as usual. This is a huge testament to the ordinary hard working men and women of the NPFC and USCG and speaks to the strong leadership within these US government departments which in our view are integral to the facilitation of seaborne trade in and out of the US.  

Shoreline and their clients take this opportunity to thank you all for your efforts and look forward to continuing our excellent business relationship now and into the future.