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COFR Guarantees

Fixed-cost guarantees, at reinsurance cost, for our shipowner members to obtain a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR) to enter US waters

Limits up to: US$575m

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Passenger Solutions: War Blue Cards

For cruise ships and ferries trading in compliance with the IMO’s Athens Convention 2002 or the EU’s Passenger Liability Regime.

Provided as Lloyd’s Coverholder or as reinsurance of P & I Clubs

Limits up to: SDR 340m

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International Carrier Bonds

Issuing International Carrier Bonds to meet Customs and Border Protection regulatory requirements when trading to the US and Canada.

Highly efficient service and competitive premium rates.

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Integrated Crime Cyber Insurance

New to the marine transport industry, a single policy that indemnifies financial losses suffered in consequence of a cyber attack and/or criminal activity.

Provided as a Lloyd’s Coverholder.

Limits up to: US$30m

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Ahead on the Environment

Shipping has an impact on the environment and, conversely, climate change has repercussions for shipping. This is a key area where Shoreline is helping to build environmental awareness, industry-wide.

Read the latest thinking from Marine Scientist and Shoreline consultant, Dr Anthony Knap


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