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London reception
London reception
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We are service rather than commodity driven and our emphasis is therefore on the quality of our service through responsive and responsible management.

Our Focus
We pride ourselves on giving the best possible coverage and the lowest possible price through our one-of-a-kind database servicing:

Shoreline Managers Ltd. (“SML”) and Maritime Insurance Solutions Ltd (“MISL”) were formed in 2014. All of the outstanding shares of the both are held in Trust for the benefit of the shipowning insureds of MISL.

Maritime Insurance Solutions Ltd.
Maritime Insurance Solutions Ltd. ("Company") is a Bermuda domiciled segregated account insurance company approved by the United States Coast Guard as an issuer of Certificates of Financial Responsibility ("COFR") under the United States Oil Pollution Act 1990 including the United States Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act.

With effect from June 1, 2014, Shoreline Mutual (Bermuda) Limited and Arvak Limited ceased underwriting COFR's and since that time all new COFR's have been issued by the Company.

All of the outstanding shares of the Company are beneficially owned by a Bermuda trust for the benefit of the ship owning insureds of the Company. The Company seeks to deliver COFRs at cost and is run essentially as a "not for profit entity" governed by a Board of Directors employed by its shipowning insureds. The Company's business is 100% reinsured into the London market and it is managed by Shoreline Managers Ltd.

Processing of US Coast Guard Applications
Arrangement of International Carrier Bonds

SML champions the concept of environmental responsiveness through the expertise of Anthony Knap PhD, Director & Professor of Geochemical and Environmental Research Group of the Texas A&M University.